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Aromatherapy: What’s the big deal?

CPD Hours: 1
Current as at 07 December 2020
In this session, we will explore the history of essential oils and their historical uses including safety precautions that everyone must know about.

“The importance of quality when using essential oils for therapeutic purposes”

Course Content

Aromatherapy has boomed in popularity over the past couple of years with many avid lovers of essential oils building a home essential oil kit to help tackle many common complaints. But, are all the testimonials of the benefits of essential oils true? How safe are they to use and do they interact with current medical interventions?

It is true that not all ‘natural’ products are safe just because they are natural and a proper respect for what nature has provided must be afforded. But, without proper education, understanding and guidance, one cannot be expected to grasp the severity of their actions until it is too late.

All of this and more will be explored in this webinar as Brooke takes you through the history of essential oils, the science (or lack thereof) behind using essential oils for health complaints, the debate around internal use of essential oils and how we as nurses are in a great position to offer guidance to our patients on the safe use of essential oils.

Learning Outcomes

In this session you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the history of essential oils and how it relates to modern medicine?
  • Acquire knowledge of how essential oils are metabolised in the body
  • Develop your understanding of basic safety when using essential oils
  • Gain an awareness of the importance of quality when using essential oils for therapeutic purposes

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