Cyclo G6 Eye Laser and Laser Safety

CPD Hours: 1
Current as at 17 August 2021
This quiz has been created for the Sight for Life Foundation to assist with staff education regarding Laser safety and the use of the Cyclo G6 Laser.

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“Gain an understanding of laser safety”

Course Content

There are two videos to watch and 10 questions to complete. Once you have completed the questions correctly you will receive a CPD certificate.

Please note:

For more information about the Cyclo G6 Laser  click here>> to go to the website

For more information regarding training in Laser Safety – we recommend Bravura Education – click here>> to go to the website.

Learning Outcomes

In this session, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of laser safety
  • Explore key areas of laser safety using the Cyclo 6 laser
  • Review the key components of the Cyclo G6 laser
  • Reflect on your own practice on laser safety

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