Is your nursing team broken or just needs a little nudge?
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1 hour/s
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Is your nursing team broken or just needs a little nudge?

Presenter Nicole Nash-Arnold - Nurse Manager HQ

Nicole Nash-Arnold is a Nurse educator and facilitator who helps transform accomplished clinical Nurses into empowered and respected leaders. 

She shares her 15 years of experience in senior and executive health leadership roles to germinate great leaders: whether that's leading a team of fellow Nurses on night duty or senior Nursing Executives. 

Nicole has over 10 years’ experience in the theatre, many years in education and post-graduate qualifications in Nursing.  

Course Content

Nursing is most definitely a contact sport and it's a pretty noisy one too.  There's not that many roles in nursing where the silent office is the norm with the dulcet tones of whispered voices and rhythmic tapping of keyboards can be found. 

Nursing - totally different.  We're noisy, bustling and beeping 24/7.  The upside of that is that we have plenty of opportunity to truly engage and create connections.

Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

In this session you will:

  • Learn what the seemingly obvious, yet incredibly elusive emotion of trust can do for your team's effectiveness
  • Understand the symptoms of poor cohesion and how it's effecting patient care
  • Incorporate the steps to improve trust and cohesion in your team
  • Reorganise tasks within your team to give the right job to the right person