Atopic Eczema Management
CPD Hours / Duration
1 hour/s
Depends on Membership level

Atopic Eczema Management

Presenter The Nursing CPD Institute

The information around the management of eczema has long been a source of frustration for many due to the inconsistent information that is available. Contrary to popular belief, eczema is not curable and so a uniformed approach to eczema management needs to be established.

Course Content

In Australia, the management of eczema has long been determined at the local health level with growing calls for a national eczema management plan. Understanding why people get eczema can help the healthcare professional to make appropriate recommendations regarding the treatment and management. Treatment is often individualised once an assessment of the state of the person's eczema has been established and therefore it is important that healthcare professionals familiarise themselves with the different presentations of eczema. 

Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

In this session, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the basic recommendations for atopic eczema
  • Acquire knowledge regarding ways of preventing eczema flare-ups
  • Receive information regarding treatment approaches
  • Gain an awareness of the need for evidence-based guidelines to be developed