Wound Biofilms and Wound Infection -  the what, where, why and best practice management strategies
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2 hour/s
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Wound Biofilms and Wound Infection - the what, where, why and best practice management strategies

Presenter Cheryl Dezotti, Nurse Education Consultant

Cheryl Dezotti is a Nurse Education Consultant with the Nursing CPD Institute.

Cheryl’s varied and interesting career highlights include the co-creation of the Nursing CPD Institute and the Nurses for Nurses Network, clinical experience in acute surgical, medical, and renal dialysis.

The completion of her Master’s degree in Quality in Health Care led to senior management roles in both the acute and aged care sectors, the later leading to her appointment as a Nurse Advisor and Administrator with the Department of Health and Ageing.

Cheryl has worked extensively in the field of education in a number of healthcare and university settings. She has a passion for wound care and has lectured widely on the subject in both Australia and internationally. This passion has led her to author a wound assessment book as well as creating a postgraduate wound care course.

As an author, Cheryl’s aim is to provide the reader information that can be easily and practically applied in the clinical setting. As a presenter, Cheryl is known for her ability to deliver the complexities of clinical nursing research in a straight forward and easily understood format that allows attendees to easily apply the content to their individual clinical practice.

Cheryl’s goal is to make a difference to the recipients of health care and she believes that a positive outcome for the patient can only be achieved if Nurses keep up to date with best practice guidelines and their practical application in the workplace.

Course Content

Biofilms are considered a critical factor in the development of hard to heal / complex wounds. Complex and Hard to Heal wounds impact the individual, their family, society and the health economy. Inappropriate or delayed treatment adversely affects the time for the wound to heal.  Failure to recognise wounds not progressing towards healing increases the subsequent risk of non-healing and places the patient at unnecessarily increased risk of wound complications. In this session, we will focus on the world of biofilms and identify biofilm management recommendations along with reviewing and problem-solving dressing choices for problem wounds. 

Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

In this session, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of biofilm inclusive of mode of action
  • Explore the current international recommendations for the use of topical antimicrobials in wounds
  • Review the Nursing strategies that you can apply in the workplace to effectively reduce biofilm in wounds
  • Examine the wound infection continuum and the recommended method for obtaining a wound swab