Documentation: acknowledging the demands
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Documentation: acknowledging the demands

Presenter Dr Pam Savage, Nurse Education Consultant - The Nursing CPD Institute


Pam has an extensive background in clinical Nursing, education, and remote area Nursing both in Australia and overseas. 

As a Lawyer and Clinician, this background is brought to her role as adjunct Lecturer to undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as Aboriginal Health Workers. 

Pam is a Barrister at Bar (NSW) and a published author and her book “Law for Student Nurses: applied principles” is now in its third edition. 

A major focus of her current work has been designing undergraduate and postgraduate law courses for Nurses and community health workers.  As a regular contributor to the Nursing CPD Institute her blogs and webinars address issues of professional and legal governance that have relevance to Nurses working in many environments.

Course Content

The frustration and anxiety nurses feel about documentation is recognised.  However, in spite of the pressure to maintain exemplary documentation, situations and personal limitations can lead to inadequate reporting.  Nowhere is this more evident than in a law case. 

Findings against nurses often rely on their documentation and findings for nurses and relieving facilities of liability have also occurred as a result of quality nurse records.  This webinar explores cases highlighting the causes of problems and gives directions for improvement.

Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

In this session you will:

  • Relate legal principles to assess your own record keeping.
  • Recognise causes of inadequate recording and take steps to avoid these.
  • Explore some common forms of nurse records and when these are utilised. 
  • Implement evidence based strategies for structuring records.