Racism, Bullying and Nursing Culture
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1 hour/s
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Racism, Bullying and Nursing Culture

Presenter Dr Pam Savage, Nurse Education Consultant - Nursing CPD Institute

Dr Pam Savage, R.N., Dip N (Lon), BA, MHPEd, Dip Law, EdDoc, MACN

Pam has an extensive background in clinical Nursing, education, and remote area Nursing both in Australia and overseas. 

As a Lawyer and Clinician, this background is brought to her role as adjunct Lecturer to undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as Aboriginal Health Workers. 

Pam is a Barrister at Bar (NSW) and a published author and her book “Law for Student Nurses: applied principles” is now in its third edition. 

A major focus of her current work has been designing undergraduate and postgraduate law courses for Nurses and community health workers.  As a regular contributor to the Nursing CPD Institute, her blogs and webinars address issues of professional and legal governance that have relevance to Nurses working in many environments.

Course Content

Recognising displays of racism and bullying behaviours is easy.  Understanding the consequences personally, professionally and institutionally is much more difficult. 

How and why bullying and racism occurs and what promotes and maintains such behaviours is essential to protect individuals, satisfy professional Codes and legal requirements, as well as ethical standards. 

This webinar will highlight research that explains behaviours that can damage individuals and the profession if not addressed.

Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

In this session you will:

  • Know the legal and professional definitions of racism and bullying.
  • Recognise the way racism and bullying are entrenched in nursing behaviour.
  • Acknowledge the effects of this behaviour on individuals and the profession.
  • Implement strategies to eliminate words and deeds that can be construed as racism and bullying.