Australian Blood Administration Component Therapy
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1 hour/s
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Australian Blood Administration Component Therapy

Presenter Dr Pam Savage - The Nursing CPD Institute

Dr Pam Savage, R.N., Dip N (Lon), BA, MHPEd, Dip Law, EdDoc, MACN

Pam has an extensive background in clinical Nursing, education, and remote area Nursing both in Australia and overseas. 

As a Lawyer and Clinician, this background is brought to her role as adjunct Lecturer to undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as Aboriginal Health Workers. 

Pam is a Barrister at Bar (NSW) and a published author and her book “Law for Student Nurses: applied principles” is now in its third edition. 

A major focus of her current work has been designing undergraduate and postgraduate law courses for Nurses and community health workers.  As a regular contributor to the Nursing CPD Institute, her blogs and webinars address issues of professional and legal governance that have relevance to Nurses working in many environments.

Course Content

The Blood Book has been developed to assist Australian health professionals in safe bedside transfusion practice. For additional information refer to national standards and guidelines, local health service, institution or hospital policies and procedures, and specific product information.

"Your patient may require a transfusion of fresh components. These are collected by either whole blood donation or an apheresis donation of plasma and platelets. Each component serves a specific clinical purpose and patients may receive more than one of these components, depending on their clinical requirements.

Your patient is receiving a living component that requires unique care. Safe transfusion starts with you."

Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

In this session you will:

  • Gain an understanding of component therapy
  • Explore the use of red cell transfusion and storage
  • Investigate platelet component therapy
  • Understand the use of plasma