Bringing clarity & common sense to wound product Categories
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Bringing clarity & common sense to wound product Categories

Presenter Louise Webber, Nurse Practitioner Wound Care - Wound Therapies

Louise Webber MNuS(Nurse Practitioner), BA (Hons), RN

Louise has over 20 years of experience in wound management and has worked across a number of public hospitals and Community Nurse Settings both in Australia and overseas.

She completed her Master of Nursing Science with QUT & became an endorsed Nurse Practitioner in 2014 and currently runs her own private practice in Skin Integrity & Wound Management. She works collaboratively with a number of Aged Care providers, private hospitals and community nursing services. Louise also runs 2 specialist wound clinics for a GP practice and community nursing group.

Louise recently participated in one of the working groups for the Pan Pacific Injury Alliance and was also a member of the Venous Leg ulcer guidelines working party. With an interest in Research, she was previously an Honorary Clinical  Fellow for the Australia Catholic University and has participated in a number of research projects leading to publication. She is currently one of 2 clinicians rewriting the wound chapter of a new peri-operative nursing book.

Course Content

There are many dressings available for managing wounds. Are you confused by the different types of wound products available? As a clinician, you may not have access to a wide range of products and feel that this limits your ability to manage wounds. How well do you know the different types of dressings and their mode of action? Does your product knowledge and choice impact on healing outcomes? 

This webinar explores some of the most common dressings available and their mode of action. We will look at different categories and their actions as an approach to wound management. How do you choose a dressing when your "favourite" is not available? Do you know an alternative dressing? 

This webinar will take a "product-neutral" approach to product selection and look at choosing dressings according to clinical need. We will also look at the changing needs of a wound and the importance of wound assessment and changing a plan to get the best healing outcomes.

Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

In this session you will:

  • Explore the different categories of wound products
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of choosing a dressing for its mode of action to manage a wound
  • Consider dressing use and when to change it
  • Explore Best Practice recommendations for some wound dressing categories