Stomal Therapy
CPD Hours / Duration
1 hour/s
Depends on Membership level

Stomal Therapy

Presenter The Nursing CPD Institute

This session explores Nursing tasks associated with the care of different types of Stomas.

Course Content

Due to surgery, as a result of disease, injury, birth defect or other causes,  a person may have an opening in the abdomen established (called a“stoma”) for the evacuation of products from the bowel or bladder. People who have a stoma no longer have normal bowel or bladder function and must wear a disposable bag, or appliance, attached to their abdomen for the collection of bodily waste. These appliances are called stoma appliances or ostomy bags. They are more popularly known as “colostomy bags” (although there are other types of bags). 

A stoma is also referred to as an "ostomy" because the surgical procedure by which a stoma is formed is called ostomy surgery. Types of ostomy surgery include colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy (also known as ileal conduit).

'In Australia, ostomy appliances and associated products are supplied to approximately 36,000 members usually on a monthly basis.  Annually this involves over 300,000 individual orders which are assembled from more than 2,000 product lines.  The value of ostomy appliances supplied nationally is about $80 million per year.'

The resources Clinical Guidelines: Stomal Therapy Nursing Practice forms the basis for this session.

Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

In this session you will:

  • Gain an understanding of  the key nursing processes associated with caring for Stomas
  • Learn  about some of the potential complications associated with Stomas
  • Receive knowledge  regarding specific procedure cautions and contraindications
  • Explore ways to address common issues associated with Stomas