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A Simple Technique Can Solve Some Wicked Nursing Problems: Cognitive Diversity
CPD Hours / Duration
1 hour/s
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A Simple Technique Can Solve Some Wicked Nursing Problems: Cognitive Diversity

Presenter Nicole Nash-Arnold - Nurse Manager HQ

Nicole Nash-Arnold is a Nurse educator and facilitator who helps transform accomplished clinical Nurses into empowered and respected leaders. 

She shares her 15 years of experience in senior and executive health leadership roles to germinate great leaders: whether that's leading a team of fellow Nurses on night duty or senior Nursing Executives. 

Nicole has over 10 years’ experience in the theatre, many years in education and post-graduate qualifications in Nursing.  

Course Content

Cognitive diversity is the same as any other diversity, whether it be gender diversity, ethnic diversity, generational diversity.  The principles remain the same: we learn from those who are different and appreciate what they bring. 

This webinar introduces you to the notion of cognitive diversity: that how people think is different and there is a wealth of ideas, approaches, and perspectives that make our work team richer for their breadth of thinking.

Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

In this session you will:

  • Discover how Diversity and Inclusion are fundamental components of a well-integrated, high-performing team
  • Explore four ways to include cognitive diversity into your everyday nursing life
  • Identify the core components of cognitive diversity and the "what's in it for you"
  • Examine a case study of cognitive success
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