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Introduction to Infant growth and development
CPD Hours / Duration
1 hour/s
Depends on Membership level

Introduction to Infant growth and development

Presenter Siglinde Angerer, Clinical Nurse Consultant - Steps in Education

Siglinde Angerer is a Registered Nurse/Midwife/Maternal Child Health Nurse with her career spanning over 37 years. The last 14 years Siglinde has been a Clinical Nurse Consultant in the area of Maternal and Child Health working in remote and rural locations in Australia.

Siglinde attained, on top of her original nursing qualifications (Bachelor of Applied Science with a major in Midwifery (1989), Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Family Health 2003) a Master of Applied Science (2005, RMIT University), and Master in Professional Education and Training (2013, Deakin University). Additional areas of study included a Postgraduate Certificate in International Health, short courses in working with vulnerable families and infant mental health at the Tavistock clinic in London and Berry street in Melbourne. Short course on ‘Perspectives in Family Assessment’ (University of Kent, U.K. 2015), and Advanced Perinatal Mental Health training (Monash University, 2013).

Siglinde’s notable achievements in 2011-2013 include designing and setting up successfully 2 parenting groups which focused on getting to know your infant and understanding your toddler. An additional program designed and set up for families with 6 -16-week-old infants learning infant massage and getting to know your baby. A fathers group was set up to allow fathers to attend a Saturday group with their children aged birth to 3 years, with the support of a Psychiatrist, Social worker and Early childhood worker. The focus of the group was to allow Fathers to discuss their struggles as fathers in their parenting role and assist in building parenting capacity. An additional group was set up by Siglinde due to an identified need by the community in a fathers group for fathers who had limited access to their children and were currently or due to go to court for parenting orders. This group of fathers required information and support on how to support their children, build parenting capacity and how to build good relationships with their children whilst separated.

Siglinde was involved in the tender writing for the Cradle to Kinder program (DHS support program for 15-25-year-old women).

Siglinde was a co-contributor to the ‘Baby Teeth Count Too’ program with Dental Health Service Victoria. The strong women, strong babies strong culture program in Northern Territory and designing, developing the staff training program and implementing the ‘Lead testing program ‘for 6 months -5-year-old children in Mount Isa Queensland. Designed an e-learning program for the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation on Infant massage and brain development.

Course Content

Growth and development of an infant includes the provision of nutrition to assist in gaining weight to progress to predictable patterns in a predetermined sequence.

Just like percentile charts alerting professionals to any nutritional deficits and weight gains, an infant’s development relates to a “maturity” by navigating their world with a set of perceptual and motor skills. The acquisition of these skills is dependent upon caregiving, responsiveness to the infant’s needs, exposure to skill development (fine motor, gross motor, language) and repetition of skill practice.

Supporting parents/caregivers in understanding key milestones in development is key to healthy infant development. The important role of parents/ caregivers in assisting the infant in meeting these milestones in a time frame which is based on the individual infant will be discussed.

Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

In this session, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the link between growth and development
  • Understanding brain development and its role
  • Understanding the importance of ‘attachment’ in development
  • Supporting parents/caregivers in supporting growth and development
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