Evidence Portfolio

Nursing CPD Institute

As a Nurse, you know that you’re required to keep evidence of your Continuing Profession Development (CPD) activities for 5 years, which is why we have partnered with CPD Portfolio, who specialise in providing Nurses with an evidence portfolio specifically designed to meet AHPRA requirements.

This is a fantastic tool, included with your annual NCI subscription, and works seamlessly through your NCI dashboard.

The CPD Portfolio system is convenient, intuitive and best of all, your NCI certificates of completion are automatically uploaded for you – how fabulous!

You can: 

   Set up a learning plan
   Choose which certificates appear in the portfolio 
   Edit, update or download your portfolio anytime you wish
   Upload other evidence or certificates from previous years so that you have the required 5 years of evidence available
   Use it as a resume when applying for a new job
   Use it as your evidence document should you be audited against the annual CPD registration standard

Nursing CPD Institute

What happens if I am audited?

Your evidence portfolio is securely stored, allowing you to come back and download it anytime.

The reflection area for each document within your CPD Portfolio is editable and can be updated as required.

You’ll be prompted to fill in the sections needed, so you have everything ready to send through to AHPRA.  Keeping it simple, keeping it organised.