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An Aged Care Special

AN-ACC: The New Era in Aged Care Funding – Are you ready?

PRESENTER: Pam Bridges

DATE: 08 September 2022 @ 11:00 AM AEST

PRICE: $59 incl GST

The aged care industry is heading for a major change in the way in which funding is determined. A shadow assessment period has been undertaken and the results are slowly starting to emerge. The only certainty is that funding as we know it will alter and once again we have to get our heads around the changes (they are never-ending).

This session is a must view for all Nurses working in the aged care sector, as well as clinical, quality, and facility managers.

What Ruth had to say about Pam’s presentation:

Well presented, informative and new knowledge learnt.” 

In this session Pam Bridges will investigate:

  • The current stages of the transition from ACFI (Aged Care Funding Instrument) to AN-ACC (Australian National Aged Care Classification)

  • The potential budgetary impacts, what planning is necessary and are there technical issues that might be harnessed to make the transition smoother

  • What are the challenges facing smaller (and/or standalone) providers with the transition

  • What new skills sets will be required for funding managers to liaise with the government

Nursing CPD Institute Pam Bridges

Pam Bridges

R.N., BACH in Social Welfare, Grad Dip Health Services

Pam is a Registered Nurse with a BA in Social Welfare and a Graduate Diploma in Health Services Management. She has had an extensive career in the aged care sector which has included working with the Commonwealth Department as a Commonwealth Nursing Officer; as the Residential Care Manager for the State Peak Association for 10 years; Commissioning a new aged care service and becoming the Director of Nursing/General Manager.

Additionally, Pam has been involved in a wide range of State and National Committees and Reference Groups where she has represented industry views and interests.

For the past seven years, Pam has run her own aged care consultancy – Pam Bridges Consulting – and has worked closely with providers to assist them with quality processes, audits, funding reviews, strategic planning, complaint investigations and much more. She has also undertaken request from the Coroner to act as an expert witness on several occasions.

Pam has been a member of the Nurse Advisor and Administrator Panels since these were set up and continues to work in these capacities for organisations experiencing difficulties.

While mainly involved in the residential care sector, in recent years Pam has become involved with organisations providing home care services also.

Pam, as part of her long association with Nurses in Management Aged Care (NIMAC), has been committed to providing aged care workers with professional development opportunities.

Nursing CPD Institute

[email protected]

PO Box 892 Capalaba, QLD, 4157

0448 885 110

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The Foundation Principles of ECG interpretation and a review of Atrial Fibrillation

PRESENTER: Anne Evans-Murray

DATE: 03 November 2022 @ 10:00 AM AEST

PRICE: $59 incl GST

This e-Seminar provides essential knowledge to any Nurse working in the areas of ward telemetry, coronary care, critical care, and emergency nursing.

It is also critical information for any Nurse or Midwife wanting to upskill their knowledge on the interpretation of arrhythmias.

Understanding the ‘famous five’ of ECG interpretation ensures the recognition of any deviation from the norm.

With this knowledge, you will be able to quickly identify any key indicators of concern, rather than needing to wait for others to interpret the findings. Leading to a better outcome and timely response for the patient/client.

In addition, the most common arrhythmia throughout the world, Atrial Fibrillation (AF) will also be discussed.

What Joy had to say about Anne’s presentation:

“Took 29 years for this to be explained so simply it made sense. I was waiting for polarization, repolarization and all that stuff that leaves me numb and I actually now feel confident reading the telemetry screen. Winner!!”

This session will:

  • Identify the three essential parameters (values) that assist with the analysis of a rhythm strip
  • Demonstrate how to work out these three parameters: PR interval, QRS width, QT interval and relate this to the ‘famous five’ technique of rapid interpretation
  • Identify the most common arrhythmia that patients present to the hospital with
  • Recognise the characteristics and associated complications of Arial Fibrillation

Nursing CPD Institute Anne Evans-Murray

Anne Evans-Murray

R.N., BHlthSc, MACCCN, Grad.Dip Ed, MEd, Dip Counselling, GradCertCritCare, CertIV Training and Assessment, CertIV in Mediation

Anne has a passion for teaching which she does in an unpretentious way that ensures you will not only understand and retain what she presents but will enjoy this learning experience. She has extensive experience of over 26 years lecturing for Gold Coast Health District and Griffith University.

Currently, she is a guest lecturer at Bond University medical school. Anne is a frequent presenter at workshops, conferences & seminars throughout Australia & New Zealand on subjects such as high dependency nursing, cardiac arrhythmias & ECG interpretation, chest x-ray interpretation, clinical assessment of the deteriorating patient, assertivness training and leadership. She conducts accredited advanced life support training for nurses, doctors and paramedics.

Anne has a passionate commitment to empower all clinical staff through increased awareness and knowledge of the critically ill patient’s condition so that timely intervention is implemented, which will benefit patient outcomes.

She is the author of three books; “ECGs Simply”, “Interpretation of Chest X-rays Simply” and ‘Uncomplicating Life, Simply’. Her ECG book is a textbook sold in many universities in Australia. | [email protected] | 07 5563 2428

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