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Testimonials from some of our Members:

"You have made my journey through my nurse career easier with providing excellent educational information I will miss learning and exploring new subjects with you Thank you" - Member B on Retirement

"What an interesting study. Thank you very much for highlighting an excellent article. For all the staff at NCI, well done on keeping this website relevant and interesting for all nurses." - Cynthia

"Deanne's presentation skill is excellent as she gave very good examples to drive down the understanding of this topic. Good presentation on the type of elder abuse and how to identify them." - Babade

"What a fabulous webinar I have learnt what is bullying and what isn't. Love the speaker, Dr Pam Savage, she knows her stuff" - Annmaree

"Impressed. The best lecture on Diabetes foot ulcers I have ever heard in my 30 plus years of practice. Worth listening to again. " - Kaja 

"Nursing CPD Institute is a great place to undertake CPD in specific areas of interest." - Dee 

"I just want to say what a wonderful CPD site this is...I hope I am ready if I ever get audited..Thanks Again to NCI you are a CPD life saver." - Antonia

"Wow what a sensational session  (A Simple Technique Can Solve Some Wicked Nursing Problems: Cognitive Diversity). I must for all nursing teams. If I was a nurse manager I would like all my staff to listen to this." - Julia

"So many topics, so much information, I have learnt so much from NCI. Thank you." - Maria

"Thanks for the article on wound management. It will be printed and placed in the clinical areas for clinician's to use as a guide to the management of wounds. I'd like to commend you and your team for sharing your knowledge with nurses in the Developing countries." - Sister Grace, PNG

"May I just say what a wonderful resource you provide to nurses across Australia and one that is particularly valuable to those of us living in rural/remote Tasmania with very limited access to face to face sessions." - Anne

"I utilize Nursing CPD Institute for my CPD portfolio; the website is so easy to navigate and the subjects are fantastic for all streams & specialties of nursing. May I also add that the certificates are great too! Many thanks for all you do." - Vicki

"Excellent resources, thank you!" - Deb

"I live in NZ and am Registered Enrolled nurse and love it. Thank you so much for this page. It is very valuable for me and I really appreciate the work being done for all the members, to keep us informed of all the info." - Madelein

"I wholeheartedly support the CPD requirements and find NCI a convenient method of delivery." - Pauline

"Thanks for Nursing CPD Institute as I feel it is a great concept and I have encouraged my nursing colleges to join." - Glenn

"Love the Nursing CPD Institute. All the information I need and so easy to access." - Rachael

"I would like to sincerely thank you for providing such a wonderful platform where education can be undertaken in the privacy of my own home at my own pace and offering such a vast range of topics. Your really a great asset to nurses every where." - Bev

"I would just like to say what a valuable tool I find NCI CPD webinars. The opportunity to listen to past lectures at a time that suits me is just brilliant." - Abby

"I loved the site, but I retired in sept so no longer have a need for it. I always highly recommend NCI ,Thankyou for a great service" - Julie

"After 45 years of nursing I have retired, however one of the most innovative programs for nurses is NCI. I encouraged a number of remote nurses to join as it was paramount for them to gain their 20 points each year with current easy to assess information." - Sally

"I retired after 45 years nursing, I have found NCI invaluable over the past few years. Thank you for this fabulous affordable comprehensive program." - Julie

"Appreciate all the work you do to present these topics. Excellent presentation." - Jennifer

"Can`t believe all of the hard work done by staff at the Nursing CPD Institute, what a great outfit, so thankful you are there. Any questions answered promptly, and nothing seems to be too much bother. Best thing that has happened in nursing that I can recall." -  Shobek

"Absolutely brilliant information content. All information relevant and useful. Thank you.  I will use this information in everyday life and at work" - Belinda

"Fabulous explanation of use of drugs and the reactions" - Alison

"Fantastic information, referral options, great factual advice" - Elizabeth 

"Your site is great for people who are time poor like me." - Mary

"Thank-you for your service and prompt, warm and friendly help. This is a great site, I will recommend to all!" -  Tanya

"This site is informative and very helpful and useful for my work." - Louise

"Will be able to help clients better after this session, much-updated information" - Alison

"I work within paediatrics and use drug calculations on a regular basis. This is has been a good refresher and reinforces my existing knowledge" - Kathryn

"Clear, precise and well presented for a topic which can be overwhelming ' - Ann

"Very practical and useful, easy and convenient to use in clinical practice. the content is very clear and subsequent." - Min

"Some really good tips on dealing with a range of different people and issues. I sure these will be useful." - Jennifer

"Very interesting and will help me more in my work with the aged. We have to be aware of so much more with the elderly as they cannot always speak for themselves." - Jennifer

"Such an interesting topic. Very interesting concepts in the aboriginal community on birthing." - Robyn

"Very interesting learning statistics as well as reviewing procedures" - Beverley

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