The Nursing CPD Institute provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) On Line and On Demand.

At the Nursing CPD Institute we have three options:

Free Subscription -  you can access and complete three (3) continuing professional development learning sessions and receive your first certificate for free. Should you, however, wish to generate a certificate of completion for the additional two (2) CPD sessions for your personal records, a $15 administration fee will be applied for each certificate. When you have no free sessions remaining you can only watch/do the ones you started (the 3 free ones) or any that you have a paid certificate for.

Individual Membership -  you are a full member of the Nursing CPD Institute and have all the benefits that this level of membership offers starting from $10 per month*.

Corporate Membership -  an Organisation pays for a membership for their staff who have all the benefits of Individual Membership as well as the Organisation being able to offer tailored sessions for their staff only.

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Which membership is for you?




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Access to an extensive library of Continuing Professional Development learning activities

Limited to 3 free sessions



Premium CPD Sessions




Available online 24/7




Certificate of Completion provided for
each session undertaken

Required to pay a $15 admin fee per certificate



Certificate generated at
time of completion

Only if admin fee is paid



Online Folder to store Certificates




Participate in live Continuing Professional Development sessions




Attend unique online
Nursing e-Seminars




Discounted registration fee
for all e-Seminars




Advance notification of Nursing Travel CPD Events




Evidence Portfolio and
Career Resume to keep your professional portfolio and education history up to date should you be audited or
want a new job




Nursing Task
Demonstration videos




Nursing Information
Download Library




Nursing News Blog




Receive regular Nursing information updates




My CPD Planner



As per Corporate learning plan

Claim membership as an education expense tax deduction






(To obtain a Certificate of Completion for the sessions finished an admin fee of $15 will apply for each certificate)

$99 Per year
$10 Per month

Organisation Invoiced

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