The Nursing CPD Institute provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) On Line and On Demand.

Who is the Nursing CPD Institute?

The Nursing CPD Institute was established in 2011 and has evolved to become one of the largest online Nurse education portals in Australia. It was created by and continues to be staffed by specialist Nurse educators, who continue to work within the tertiary and health industry sectors. The Institute was established as a cost-effective education portal that provides one of the most dynamic and easy to use Nursing online education platforms available in Australia today.

Our Education Governance Committee coordinates and reviews the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities of the Nursing CPD Institute to ensure best practice content that meets all legislative requirements in both the Nursing and Aged Care sectors.

Our Continuing Professional Development Library

Our CPD Library has been structured to support multiple styles of Adult Learning including Live Webinars, Recorded Webinars, Read and Video Quizzes. In January 2020, we will also be releasing a number of specialty courses including Nursing Law and Ethics, Nursing Management and Wound Care Management to name a few.


There is a significant number of one hour sessions that are particularly applicable to Nurses and Care Staff who work in the often challenging Aged Care Environment. These sessions have been tailored to also incorporate the most common mandatory education topics whilst also supporting the Aged Care accreditation requirements.


Our online portal can be accessed via computer or smart device and the easy to use layout ensures ease of access and ongoing utilisation by staff. Your employees will have 24/7 access to our extensive library of CPD sessions. New sessions are added each month. We welcome feedback and requests from our Members for specific educational requirements for both the individual Organisation or that may benefit the wider group of NCI members.

Customise your own Content

A Corporate Subscription with NCI includes the capacity to create education sessions specific to your service's individual requirements that only your staff have access to. There is also the capacity to house your Organisations orientation presentation/s or vendor-specific training programs such as Fire Safety and Extinguisher training on this platform so that the services can focus on-site induction and individual competency assessments. 


As part of an Annual Corporate Subscription, you have the capacity to utilise the Nursing CPD Institute’s platform for the creation of 3 Organisation specific CPD activities, including administrative support to create and upload the sessions totally free of charge each year. Additional activities can be organised at a fee of $150 per session.



Our CPD sessions are broadly grouped under the following key areas to assist with easy recognition of sessions of interest.

  • Accreditation
  • Aged Care
  • Annual Competencies
  • Clinical Care
  • Clinical Management
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Customer Service
  • Dementia Care
  • Diabetes
  • Infection Control, Antimicrobial Stewardship & Communicable Diseases
  • Law and Nursing
  • Medication Management
  • Palliative Care
  • Quality Improvement
  • Teamwork and you
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Wound Management


Create a Learning Plan for your Team

The NCI Platform has the capacity to create a Learning Plan for your team based on the CPD Sessions available on the platform. This includes any Organisation specific sessions you may have added. The Corporate Subscription Platform Administrator (a team member you nominate) has the capacity to determine the content required for completion as well as the timeframes for completion by your team members. This functionality supports our Education Matrix.

Education Matrix (Reporting Module)

The Education Matrix is a very useful tool. Not only does it provide concurrent evidence of individual training sessions completed by your team members for accreditation purposes, it can also assist with Human Resource Management. The Education Matrix allows the Administrator to monitor an individual staff member, or group of staff, or the entire workforce and the sessions that are being completed for a specified date range via an automated process.

The Corporate Subscription Platform Administrator also has the capacity to add education sessions completed outside the NCI Platform to be included in the reporting functions of the Education Matrix. When a report is generated, it can simply be exported to Excel to allow for manipulation, distribution or printing as required.

Your Team's Professional Portfolio

To support Nurses in the provision of evidence should they be audited by AHPRA, each employee has access to a Professional Portfolio on the website. This Portfolio is stored securely and the employee can add and alter the information as they choose. The Portfolio upon completion is auto compiled into a PDF document for ease of email/printing.

Our affiliation with the Australian College of Nursing provides your staff with the opportunity to grow their career and tap into their individual potential.

The Platform is not limited by the availability, skill and/or knowledge base of the Service Educator, the portal provides staff access to over 250 educators 24 hours a day.

Your Annual Commitment

The Nursing CPD Institute was established as a cost-effective education portal that provides one of the most dynamic and easy to use Nursing online education platforms available in Australia today. Corporate subscriptions with NCI are offered as a straight forward annual pricing designed to meet the needs of Organisations of every scale. We guarantee to be the most cost-effective option for your Organisation.


If you require more than 100 subscriptions, further discounts are available and payments options can be negotiated.


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