The Nursing CPD Institute provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) On Line and On Demand.

Accessibility CPD Library Learning Plan

All your staff needs is a device, internet and a comfy place to sit. 

Our online education platform is easily accessible 24/7, allowing you to plan a flexible education rollout.

The CPD Library is extensive, providing a wide variety of choice for you and your team.

“I have been very happy with the high quality of your product. Your presenters had such in-depth knowledge of their subjects & were entertaining as well. Not dry or boring at all!“

Let’s face it managing the learning requirements for a team can be very resource and time-consuming.

With the Learning Plan functionality, you can create a Learning Plan for your team, monitor their compliance, and have access to the sessions completed as well as their Certificates of Completion at the click of a button.

Compliance Audit Evidence Staff Certificates

The platform allows you to view who has completed the required education sessions and provides an extensive report on all the education sessions completed, by your team ensuring your records are accurate and accessible when needed.

Should an accreditation surveyor request to see evidence of the education you have provided your team, with the inbuilt reporting function, you can generate this with a click of a button.

The platform generates a certificate of completion for your staff which they love. A copy of this certificate is available to you within the administrator dashboard if required at any time.

Your Unique Content Orientation Team Support

You can work with us to create content specific to your organisation’s unique requirements. This collaboration ensures your workplace can achieve the particular needs of your consumers and service simply and easily.

Organisations waste so much time and money delivering a static orientation program. Why not have policy content in an innovative online framework so that the workplace induction can focus on the practical application of your organisation’s requirements.

From time to time, we all need a little help. You will have access to our dedicated Education Support Team (who always love a chat).

That’s good for you because you can find the answers you need quickly and easily.

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With your annual subscription your organisation has:

    Access to one of Australia’s most extensive libraries of premium CPD sessions

    Best-practice content delivered by highly-credentialed experts in their fields

    Evidence at your fingertips of education compliance

    The ability to create an organisation-wide learning plan based on accessed need and risk

    Extensive reporting allowing the monitoring of individual staff member, a group of staff, or the entire workforce and
        the sessions completed

    Straight forward annual pricing designed to meet the needs of Organisations of every scale

    Capacity to create education sessions specific to your service’s particular requirements that only your staff have
        access to

    The ability to include your orientation program in your own online library

    Happy staff with a certificate for every session completed, stored in their very own online folder

    Happy staff who have access to an Evidence Portfolio and Career Resume to keep their professional portfolio and
        education history up to date


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